Photo by Brandon Lewis

WINFIELD is a Chapel Hill, NC based band formed in 2017. Their music blends the energy of vintage indie rock and the textures of dream pop and goth/ post-punk. In 2018, Victoria Roy (vocals), Brad Prenda (guitar, vocals), Kent Corley (bass) and David Bunch (drums) entered the studio with producer Scott Solter (Spoon, St. Vincent, Mountain Goats, Superchunk) to record their 7-song debut, GIANT.

After spending much of 2018 and early 2019 performing, Winfield returned to the studio with Solter again in 2019 to record their follow-up four-song self-titled EP. “With You” & “Simple Things” showcase a darker, more intimate and experimental sound that emphasizes unconventional arrangements and the delicate interplay of warm harmonies. “Seconds” and “Contusion” are dark and raucous reminders that WINFIELD is at heart a rock band building on the strong foundation of alternative pioneers from the 70s-90s.